Fashion and Lifestyle

Fashion and Lifestyle

Walk the walk, talk the talk, and look the look. Style at least equals substance to most people, but more importantly style can be substance if you know where to look. Fashion and Lifestyle is an amalgam of the regular purchases, services, and processes that a character goes through in his daily life.

Obtaining Lifestyle Selections

Every lifestyle selection is a choice. A character can sustain a number of choices equal to his Strata without additional cost. However, these also have Purchase difficulties which must also be met. Thus, someone with Strata 10 and three marks of Resources will have more individual services, but their individual value will tend to be far less than those of someone with Strata 4 and six marks of Resources.

You may obtain beyond your means, but every selection past your Strata costs you one point of Access. This is in addition to the purchase, which may require you to make rolls (and spend Access to repeat those rolls until you succeed).

Automatic Services

If you have a home, it’s generally assumed it’s got basic utilities – water and power. It may have gas, but in the arcane age that’s more optional than it used to be. Rental properties are in themselves a service, but if you have one of those you also have basic services with it.

You’re also assumed to have clothing, though it won’t be anything more than something to cover your nakedness (and perhaps protect your feet when walking). You’ll have food, but it will be only the most basic form of nutrition. The sad and simple fact is that health foods have become more and more expensive as wealthier people started to demand them more, and the less healthy foods became less profitable at higher cost, so they became mass marketed. Thus, poor people aren’t lean – they’re often overweight.


Food, toiletries, basic medicines, first aid kits, medical services, and the like all fall into this category.

Balanced Lifestyle: You maintain healthy living. You have cleaning products, sanitizers, vitamins and dietary supplements, and the like, but you also get services to maintain internal and external hygiene. This often veers into holistic medicine, with massage, health spas, gym privilege, arcane therapies, and in some parts of the world “mild” prostitution (there’s a lot of forms of “health” to consider, at least that’s what they say). Your Recovery increases by 1 thanks to your healthy lifestyle.

Family: Your food and medical provisions can extend to other people. For every Lifestyle choice in this you may extend your Necessities to another person and have them benefit from them.

Health Insurance: If you are ill or injured, you may obtain healthcare without cost. This will allow you to receive healthcare from someone with 3 marks of Medical Sciences and the Doctor Gift. You will have to go to the doctor – doctors don’t make housecalls anymore.

Healthy Foods: Healthy foods make it easier to take rests and relaxation. If you are using this service, you may once per day claim a “quick rest,” restoring one point each of Body, Clout, and Drive. You may select this multiple times to be able to do this several times per day.

Psychiatric Insurance: If you’ve suffered severe stress or trauma, you may obtain psychiatric care without cost. This will allow you to receive counseling from someone with 3 marks of Cognitive Sciences and the Psychiatrist Gift. You will have to go to the psychiatrist – make an appointment.

Reputation Manager: For the purposes of preserving your good name and helping you manage your daily life, you may obtain a reputation counselor. This will allow you to receive the help of someone with 3 marks of Social Sciences and the Mediator Gift. You have to go to see them – they don’t follow you around.


How you cover your nakedness (and, in some cases, if you cover your nakedness) says a great deal about you. It can also be highly functional. Not making selections here still means you have clothes, but they’re something you ordered off the Internet and it isn’t the height of fashion (or anything else, for that matter). It isn’t by definition bad, it just doesn’t do anything for you.

Augmented Reality: This is a wearable computing option that requires a functioning phone line and requires you to carry a phone hub (rest assured there’ll be space in your wardrobe for it). This system enhances your activity by allowing you access to online data resources, GPS navigation, and a host of other functions. You may use Information Analysis for immediate identity scan of any person you can see, with information coming either on glasses with HUD, a display somewhere on your person, or for +2 purchase difficulty a suspended image projected onto contact lenses. You may perform similar tasks for locations, objects, products, services, etc. You can use Information Analysis in place of navigation in any urban area.

Beast Mark: This coy nickname applies to credit services that you can utilize through wearable computing. This often comes in the form of a piercing stud (which is harder to take from you) and requires that you have working phone service and a phone hub on your person. You can make transactions rapidly and automatically. You authorize the transactions through body motions. The notifications can come through any number of means, though the tried and true method is through display on glasses. With this system, in many stores you can walk in, grab what you want, and walk out, and never have to stop at the counter.

Bodyphone: This rather comes at the point where may people say “stop” to the concept of integrating technology into their lives. This system reads the body of the wearer and allows the wearer to interface by virtual telepresence as a remote person. The clothing, body, etc., all get rendered into three dimensional space at a remote location capable of interfacing with the system (or it appears as part of a videophone chat).

The system can allow for modifications – some people reorganize their appearance into that of another person (or some mythic being). This can also allow someone to have “face to face” conversations nowhere near face to face. The augmented version of this will allow someone to perceive another bodyphone projection as being in their immediate presence. The two can carry on the conversation as if they were face to face.

This system has a bad reputation. If one’s social group learns that one uses a bodyphone, that causes an immediate point of Oversight. Any new information (how they change their appearance, their voice, their clothes, etc.) runs the risk of an additional point of Oversight if it adds to the strangeness. Part of the reason is the “See Me Now” trend – people will broadcast bodyphone images in such a way that someone viewing augmented reality or using an interactive bodyphone will see them in some salacious state – often completely naked. Others will look like mutilated corpses, etc. This behavior poisons the reputation of the system.

Business Style: You can dress for business success. Once per day, if you spend a Clout to influence business types, you may recover the Clout upon completing the action.

Klimov Flags: A Russian semioticist determined certain markers that make someone look important. These are marks worked into an outfit that enhance the appearance of being important, significant, and worth paying attention to. Klimov flags can be worked into the ornaments and designs one wears, enhancing the appearance of significance. Using Klimov flags, a character may Push or Risk a Social roll up to once per day without the Clout cost.

Personalized Style: Your clothes are made to announce who you are. They’re personal statements. In the modern day they frequently work against you. Wearing something that someone else doesn’t recognize as being anything in particular will, at best, get no reaction at all, while at worst it will startle the eye. Some celebrities thrive on doing this as a way of making a truly personal statement, but ordinary people often don’t have that luxury.

Still, having a truly personalized style is a signature that makes you memorable. When you take this selection, decide how much Purchase difficulty you’re putting into it (you have to succeed at the purchase attempt). This is the rank of the style. At the end of every scenario, determine how much Oversight you’ve accumulated. Each point of Oversight turns one point of style rank into one point of lost Standing. If any style rank remains, then go to how much Standing you’ve gained. For every point of Standing gained, you will convert one point of style rank into an additional point of Standing. If you have points of style rank left over, they’re wasted.

Example: Denim Dee wears all-black suits. All the time. He doesn’t wear a tie, and indeed they have mandarin collars. The dress shirt is jet black, and he wears a vest over them in addition to the sport coat. This is quite the Personalized Style. He has Resources of 4, so he sets the Purchase to 5. At the end of a scenario, he’s taken some hits – three points of Oversight. This means that three points of the style rank become Standing loss. That’s three points down the drain, which will eat up all three Standing that he gained. However, he still gained three Standing, which converts the remaining two points into a bonus. Thus, he walks away two Standing up from where he started.

Salon: Makeup, hair styling, and the like are fashionable for men and women in the arcane age, although the styles are vastly different. Makeup on males often takes the look of masquerading as dirt or wear from working (ironically this has a valuable purpose – people who do labor for a living can use this to make the labor marks look false). The salon treatments beautify and, in theory, rejuvenate. (At least one of those claims is false nine times out of ten.) Salon care gives you a high-risk option for social interplay – you may immediately recover up to your “full” Clout by suffering a point of Oversight. This is “full” Clout because your Clout is reduced by your Oversight.

Tailored Wardrobe: Wardrobe selection and tailoring is its own specialized discipline, and you can hire people to do it for you. This makes your clothes especially fit you, making them more comfortable and better looking. With this wardrobe, if you Roll or Push a Social task, you may opt to spend a Drive before making the roll. If you do so, your minimum result with that roll will be equal to your marks in the Skill (slightly less than what you’d get for a Rote).

Rental Property

If you’d like to rent property rather than own it, you may do so. Look up the location and construction information in general equipment list. The purchase price for this Lifestyle selection is the purchase for the construction is below. This could count as multiple selections for Lifestyle, however, depending on the location.

Construction Rental Purchase
Empty +2
Industrial Complex +7
Large Business +8
Small Complex +6
Small Home +5
Storefront +6
Studio +4
Walk-In +3
Necessities Purchase Effect
Balanced Lifestyle 6 Increase Recovery by 1.
Family 2 Extend your Necessities to one other person.
Health Insurance 3 Access to a Doctor with 3 marks of Medical Sciences.
Healthy Foods 4 Obtain one “quick rest” per day. See description.
Psychiatric Insurance 4 Access to a Psychiatrist with 3 marks of Cognitive Sciences.
Reputation Management 6 Access to a Mediator with 3 marks of Social Sciences.
Wardrobe Purchase Effect
Augmented Reality* 5 Immediate access to quick uses of Information Analysis.
Augmented Reality (contacts)* 7 Same system with nearly invisible display.
Beast Mark* 3 Instant transactions.
Bodyphone* 4 Virtual telepresence representation of the person.
Bodyphone, Interactive* 6 Same system and also receive bodyphone avatars and interact with them.
Business Style 5 Recover one Clout spent on business interaction per day.
Klimov Flags 4 Push or Risk a Social roll without cost once per day.
Personalized Style Varies Increase Standing gains and losses – see description.
Salon 5 Take Oversight to recover all Clout.
Tailored Wardrobe 5 Spend a Drive for minimum results on Social Rolls and Pushes. See description.
Rental Property Location Purchase Notes
Gated/Business Varies This counts as four selections
Industrial/Gentrified Varies This counts as three selections
Lower Class Urban Varies
Lunar/Martian Varies This counts as two selections
Middle Class Urban Varies This counts as three selections
Rural Varies This counts as two selections
Solar Orbital Varies
Trojan/Orbital Varies This counts as three selections

* Requires phone service and a phone hub.

Fashion and Lifestyle

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