Revised Skills

Computer Sciences

In addition to being concerned with computer operations, Computer Sciences is a blanket to describe the formal sciences, including logic, mathematics, information theory, systems theory, etc.

Geological Sciences

This skill is greatly expanded from the simple mineral sciences described in Magenta. It now includes oceanography, water cycles and water dynamics, geomorphy and geophysics, agrophysics and soil science, meteorology, speleology, and the atmospheric sciences. it does include mineral knowledge, which provides some amount of chemistry, mostly in the form of mineral deposit, sedimentation, and subterranean, oceanographic, and atmospheric behavior.

Information Analysis

The modern age is an information paradise. There’s information everywhere, and chances are everybody is connected to it. Aside from a few rare areas, even the most backward areas collect some amount of information about people.

For those with the technical bent, finding that information is relatively easy. Given some combination of facts, one can get some cursory data about someone in under a minute. Using Information Analysis, one can from either a clear facial scan (a few snips from a cell phone camera will do in decent lighting) or a name and a few basic details, either of those coupled with a present locality, learn several pieces of data. You get name, face, age, present employment, criminal record, professional license, political affiliations (if known), major scandals, etc.

The difficulty for this depends on a few factors.

Target Difficulty
Public figure or celebrity 2
Strata 10 or more 3
Strata 5 to 9 4
Strata 4 or less 5

Medical Sciences

In addition to basic medicine and pharmacy, this provides general knowledge of the whole of the life sciences. It also includes organic chemistry and biochemistry.

Physical Sciences

This includes physics, astronomy, and many fields of chemistry. It does not include biochemistry, and has only cursory relations to some of the more “materials science” elements of chemistry as they apply to earth science.


This is no longer the Skill used for Mediatior. This Skill can also come into play during combat by taking stock of the situation and laying out in rapid time some conditional operational tasks.


This is no longer the Skill used for Psychiatry.

Research Analysis

This Skill can perform the same task of obtaining basic information on someone as Information Analysis, but it takes about an hour since you’re not going through preset data channels and instead you’re actively trawling for data. On the other hand, you can get more detailed information, such as family history, places they’ve lived, etc.

Space Suit (Removed)

Space Suit is removed, or if you prefer renamed. See Exoframe.

New Skills

An asterisk (*) indicates a free skill – characters begin with one free mark in this Skill.

Arcane Sciences

Cognitive Sciences





Social Sciences


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