Oceanic war

History of the Oceanic War

In 2034 CE, Exedyne released the new-generation technology, seemingly already-complete. A completely non-instrumental technology that allowed people direct access to physical operations. In other words, it gave us magic. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones with a taste for magic.

The Oceans Look Up (2035 CE)

It took a bit of time for the news to reach the deep oceans, but from the coastal enclaves the word came to the Raliites – humanity had not only developed a “new magic,” but it was powerful and capable. The excessionist rulers of the Raliites felt that this would be a critical step towards their religious objective of bringing the universe into a state of mass excession (at least, those leaders who had that objective – there’s a lot of factionalism among the Raliites).

Raliites sent their hybrid children to Exedyne-sponsored universities to learn the new science, and pushed the female hybrids to become pregnant by other academics. In this way, the academic genes, obviously so valuable in humans, would pass into the Raliites.

The Early Raliite Operations (2042-2055 CE)

The early actions of the Raliites weren’t military in nature. They were attempts to utilize the knowledge acquired by the Raliites to try to achieve various tasks. In hindsight, it’s clear that many factions within the Raliites were in operation, and each had their own agenda, resources, and operational procedures.

Setting the Stars Right

Some of the relatively benign Raliite operations sought to increase the oxygen density of the Earth’s atmosphere. This was a relatively benign operation, though it ran into several serious hitches. For one, manufacturing matter involves large amounts of radioactive contamination. For another, it’s well on impossible to mass manufacture any matter.

Later attempts involved manipulating plants into putting more oxygen into the air, but this turned out poorly as the Raliite biological sciences, though perhaps as advanced as human, wasn’t up to the specialized tasks as they lacked the dedicated botanical geneticists. They also attempted to manufacture arcane devices that could manufacture oxygen, but the engineering and engineering infrastructure was new and raw in the arcane sciences.

However, in 2038 CE, Hewitt Industries begins manufacturing its first arcane devices. These are mostly baubles designed with some serious worker’s comp claims attached, but as their engineering develops and they create arcane drafting suites designed around engineering rather than noninstrumental procedure, these Raliites attempt to gain access. Unfortunately, trade secret is trade secret, so the Raliites simply kidnap some of the engineers and take them back for their own purposes.

Raliite Transcendence

Raliites often used their arcane knowledge for personal enhancement. Likely, before the fall of Rali, their lords implemented impressive procedures to improve their collective capability. ArCAD made it possible for them to embrace the noninstrumental path to ascendance.

At first they use humans as guinea pigs, but this only leads to the realization that the procedures need to be tailored to individuals to be truly effective. They leave behind some jagged corpses, horrifying living messes capable of no productive action, and a few monstrous humans-turned- excession.

They later attempt to refine procedures to enhance their basic capabilities without relying on biological manipulation or augmentation. This is much quieter, and far more stable.

Corporate Espionage

As strange as it sounds, Raliites started thirsting for human technology in general. They had long experience in disdaining others, and while they had respect for the “noble savage” that is the human being (the term better translates as “soft thing easily touched”), they never really thought humans would be able to provide them with anything. This opinion changed, and Raliites started stealing human technologies to assist them, utilizing some old and long-known arcane mechanisms and their own natural advantages to do it.

Human Response (2050-2055 CE)

As humanity began to face a dangeorus cult movement, some of the findings seemed more bizarre than usual. Engineers kidnapped in plainly obvious and heavy-handed ways, sudden radiation spikes in areas with suspicious activities, and strange spikes in university attendance by members of poor fishing villages (as well as a high rate of pregnancy during their school life) led to many strange conclusions. There was also the random distorted corpses and occasional outright attacks by unknown organisms.

Some of these actions looked like they might be SFS terrorist attacks, but the pattern just wasn’t there. Investigations in several nations moved to some of the coastal towns that the odd statistical results started popping, and many strange happenings occurred around these places, including disappearances of the investigating officers.

Egypt made a critical breakthrough in 2054 when it initiated a raid on a coastal village where at least three police detectives had disappeared. The result was terrifying, including signs of the repeated sexual assault of all three detectives (two males, one female) and the murder of the female in a bizarre religious and possibly arcane rite.

After this, several subsequent actions by multiple police forces around the world, swiftly followed up by military actions, demonstrated the presence of a new “alien” creature, although it wasn’t at that time clear that they were truly alien. Some time would pass before the recognition of them as the titanic creatures depicted at Kadeth (discovered just in 2052), and the revelation only occurred because of the discovery of some Rali cults, as they moved to try to protect the “brethren.”

Early Raliite Response

The Raliites, for some time, went silent. They recognized this as a coordinated attack, and the moment several of them feared and a few of them dreamed of had come. They felt the need to commit to war. To this end, they utilized the corporate secrets and stolen engineers to manufacture the tools of war. It would be some time before it was made ready, and meanwhile they evaded Naval search and coastal actions.

In the mean time, they adjusted their operations elsewhere. The coastal areas where their mixed communities resided relocated, sometimes deeper inland. They also increased their covert operations using hybrid humans who still appear human. The intelligence communities of the world, already suffering under the burdens of cult operations, saw even more pressures during this time.

The Oceanic War (2067 CE to present)

The Raliites spent nearly two decades developing based on human engineering, arcane sciences, and ancient Raliite techniques. The combination first started hitting human military vessels in 2067, as well as major shipping vessels. The sudden loss of major watercraft caused immediate responses, but instead of an evading foe they faced a military power. War machines the likes of which the Raliites never enjoyed before clashed with the military war machine of the human world, as it had slowly adapted to oceanic fighting.

The initial conflicts were harsh and bitter, mostly involving Raliites seeking further technical supplies to generate a greater war machine. However, they also performed pinpoint strikes on coastal defenses and intercepted naval craft in order to weaken human counterattacks.

The Pacific Strike (2069 CE)

The human war machines became more sophisticated, as light and fast submarines became an important part of striking at the Raliite warfighters. New developments in atmospheric diving suits and liquid breathing LSS allowed human soldiers more ready access to the deep for conflict. Unfortunately, the Raliites had the clear advantage – they were aquatic, while humans had to adapt.

The first major counterstrike was the Pacific Strike. This was a coordinated strike by combined Russian, United States, and Australian forces in 2069. Recon had identified a major point of operation somewhere in the Great Pacific Trash Vortex, and the operation was an attempt to make a major strike against a focus of their operation.

It was neither success nor failure. The forces staged the assault and came under rapid and intense counterattack. The Raliites developed aquatic weaponry (as would be natural), and their weapons systems were effective, in part thanks to their natural ability to deploy in those environments. The operational zone suffered significant damage from depth bombing.

However, the significant depth of the water required some heavy operational equipment, and only a small portion of the total forces and weapons systems could deploy at that depth. Many of the human forces became casualties due to pressure issues, and the submarines became more fragile thanks to the water pressure.

The Privateer Front (2069-2072 CE)

Still, the Raliites got a strong reminder that the human world was a titan against them. Raliite operations began to disperse into a decentralized system. During this time, human operations focused on striking the moving resources as they were in transit. Meanwhile, the Raliites continued their own resource raids. Unfortunately, aquatic transit of supplies was still the best way for bulk cargo, especially so with bulk air cargo transit being subject to SFS terrorist assault.

The privateer front also brought out some private military forces, from contractors to independent militants who fought either to bolster human defense or to kill things that nobody minded them killing. The pressures seem to have heavily burdened the Raliites, but they eventually managed to settle into their operational centers, and in 2072 they gained a distributed resource network across the oceans.

The Oceanic Land War (2075 CE to present)

In 2075, the Raliites first deployed dedicated or hybrid ground craft. These war machines included exoframes and amphibious land vehicles. The deployment of these forces led to the first major land conflicts of the Oceanic War.

Invasions began across many continents. Madagascar fell rapidly to the invasion forces, and became a major staging ground. Hawaii did not fall rapidly, but it did fall. Most islands and island areas collapsed, although some serious fighting occurred and still occurs in the Pacific Islands. Micronesia and Polynesia mostly succumbed to the Raliites, although Melanesia faces an unfortunately constant give-and-take. New Zealand fell to the Raliites.

Perhaps more importantly, coastal areas on the north coast of Russia, the east coast of Africa, all coasts of Australia, both coasts of South America, the east coast of North America, and the Mediterranean coast generally all came to hold Raliite beachheads.

The coastal advance led to capture of some amount of land area. The Raliites seem to field some significant technologies, possibly arcane technologies, that assist them. The Raliite front now moves inland, but human operations have kept them from going too far. Outside of Madagascar, the largest Raliite emplacement is the Mediterranean coast of Europe and the east coast of continental Africa. The ongoing Sudan War complicates the counteroffensive, but ironically makes it more universally dangerous for the Raliites in the area.

Rali Cult Action (2075 CE)

During the New Zealand invasion, a Rali cult that included members of the armed forces on New Zealand acted to undermine human defenses. They then attempted to make contact with the Raliites. The Raliites placed many of them in concentration camps, and did not appear to recognize their attempts to communicate. When the cultists demonstrated arcane procedures, the Raliites immediately killed them.

It’s clear that Rali cults have no particular connection to Raliites, and although the Raliites might obtain assistance from them it seems that they will not recognize it for what it is.

The Hybrid Intelligence War (2070 CE to present)

Hidden beneath the surface is the ongoing intelligence war. Between various cultic influences, the intelligence community is now swamped. Added to this is the sabotage, surveillance, and intelligence gathering by human-looking Raliite hybrids. The present doctrine is to kill or capture any hybrid discovered. Those captured are interrogated until they perish, which can take a long time given that the interrogators seek to keep them alive.

This agenda is echoed and approved by most of the world. Although transhumanist speakers point to the counterproductive and inhuman nature of these actions, most people disregard them in the way they disregard and disdain most transhumanists.

In a peculiar twist, many of the posthumanist cults now have clear ties to the Raliites. In a few cases, Raliites appear to abandon their prior actions in favor of contributing to the posthuman agenda. The idea of post"human" Raliites terrifies most people, and the intelligence community now operates heavily to break these connections. Unfortunately, the Gray Faces are good at preserving their information infrastructure, and the Gray Faces themselves claim to have Raliite members.

Oceanic war

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