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Unless otherwise noted, no contents of this work are open game content. In other words, it’s all product identity or the phantom third category that may exist under the OGL but never got a definition. Note that if something’s OGC from another product, then obviously it becomes OGC thanks to that other product’s declaration.

Open Game License

A note on copyright law that may matter to you.

Players and GMs

Setting Overview

Most of human history is something you can open up a textbook to learn about. This section only seeks to reveal information about human history you won’t find in textbooks.

State of the World

Date Scheme

BCE means ‘’before current era.’’ CE means ‘’current era.’’ The year numbers match precisely to Gregorian calendar standard.

The Arcane Age

The Interplanetary War

The Oceanic War

Character Creation

Standing and Strata (replaces RQI and Rank)

Resources and economic class

Additions and revisions to Skills

Skills instead of attributes from Personality (Optional Rule)

Additions and revisions to Gifts


Firearms, Projectile Weapons, and Directed Energy Weapons

Hand Weapons


Personal items and equipment

Arcane Drafting Software


Clarified and revised rules for Oversight and Trauma damage.

Expanded rules for movement, luggage, and special environments.

Initiative rules in Death may Die

New rules for perception, Watch, sneaking, hiding, and Sixth Sense.

Arcane Procedures

Arcane drafting (in Character)
Arcane Perceptual Fault
A list of example procedures



Equipment, Procedure, Lifestyle, etc.

GMs, and maybe Players

Ancient History

Much of this history is technically available, though little of it is widely known. Certainly, the fact that there were Old Ones on Earth long before us is something that made the news, and of course everybody knows about Raliites and SFS.

Unfortunately, the sources for this are diverse. One of the major sources of information is the pictorial records at Kadeth. Indeed, this is where the major dating comes from, as the pictorial records are detailed, including landforms, flora and fauna, etc. Unfortunately, at the time those images were set down, most of the history was mythological and known in mythopoeic terms. Thus, take everything that follows with a grain of salt.

Proterozoic eon

Paleozoic Era

Mesozoic Era

Cenozoic (current) Era

Items and Places of Significance



Things That Go Bump




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