(Mental: None)

Introspection represents the difficult process of self awareness. It is a personal task – although you might gain help in understanding what you find, nobody can teach you about yourself. Introspection is useful for a number of different purposes.

Arcane Perceptual Fault: Minor APF is offset by the character’s Introspection.

Panic Abatement: A character who is Panicking will eventually come out of it on his own. When the character Panics, take 13 and subtract 1d4. At the end of every round, reduce this number by 1. When the number equals the character’s Introspection Rote, then the Panic disappears. Note that even a character without Introspection has a Rote of 1.

Stress Abatement During Reactive Psychosis: A character suffering a brief reactive psychosis is basically useless. Whenever stress happens, he enters an instinctual state. At the start of things it might’ve made sense, but there’s every probability that as time goes on it ceases to be useful.

The Panic abatement system above can allow the character a bit of a reprieve. When the Panic abatement time passes, if there’s no stressor left, the character is now semi-functional in a calm state. If there is a stressor, the character may, at that point, choose another stress reaction from the five.

Self-Awareness: There are situations where something might be happening within the character, physically or mentally, that isn’t immediately obvious. Introspection may provide insight, at least that something unusual occurs. For instance, a distraction procedure is often devilishly difficult to spot. Introspection is the Skill of choice for noticing it and preventing its debilitating consequences.

Self-Leadership: Supporting characters must sometimes receive a Main Character’s Lead roll to perform a task. The supporting character may instead attempt Introspection to do the same thing (at the same difficulty). In situations where the supporting character may Lead himself into the action, instead use Introspection.


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