Functional excession

Functional Excession

Functional excessions are a form of excession that’s capable of enduring within our physics. However, they do not appear to conform to our physics, at least not entirely. The most noteworthy functional excessions are intelligent species, such as SFS and Raliites.

Features of Functional Excessions

There’s little in common with all functional excessions, just like there’s little in common with all matter. However, what is clear is that it doesn’t necessarily interact with itself the way normal matter does. This allows an organism that’s a functional excession to move in a way that is utterly impossible to others. This appears to allow living bodies of functional excessions to organize phenomenally, accelerating their recovery.


Digital photography functions completely ordinarily on a functional excession, but should electronics fail the chemical fallbacks don’t work so well. Any of the widely used chemical photography methods will fail to accurately record a functional excession. The area around where the functional excession would be picked up will show an indistinct haze, like a cloud always in the way. It won’t even clearly demonstrate the outline of the thing. In color photographs the haze is fuchsia.

There are chemical photography methods that work, however. Earlier photographers had to rely on uranotype or platinotype photography. However, uranotype involves uranium salt, while platinotype involves platinum salt. In addition, both of these are monochrome photographic plates. Photographers today who want to capture functional excessions without losing their photographs to the first EMP wave will use carbon print film. This allows for color photographs on film rather than plates.

Game Rules for Functional Excessions

  • Increase the lower attribute of a functional excession by 2 when calculating its Recovery.
  • A functional excession is capable of using its bizarre body formation to confound ordinary creatures. When in an opposed Physical roll (where the difficulty of the Physical Skill roll is a roll of someone else’s Physical Skill), the functional excession may spend a Drive to Push or Risk rather than a Body.
  • As stated above, photography might not work properly on a functional excession.
  • Functional excessions reduce the APF of any arcane procedure they perform by 3, to a minimum of 0. They can design arcane procedures more readily as well, and need only roll a d8 to determine the difficulty of resisting APF for a day of design.

Functional excession

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