Arcane Sciences (skill)

Arcane Sciences

(Mental | None)

Note: Arcane Sciences are beyond the scope of Group Gifts. It’s a new science that isn’t yet fully integrated into human understanding, and while it gains benefit from the other sciences it isn’t yet a part of them. Thus, no Group Gift will improve marks in this Skill.

The Arcane Sciences are the new science of the era, utilizing bizarre dynamics that are quantified but not yet qualified. This discipline is prone to significant troubles. Most people consider it as a discipline that the mind actively attempts to reject, but present scholarship would indicate that the mind embraces it too readily. Having access to this unknown mass of black box information, the mind tries to swallow the fruit whole.

Arcane sciences can permit someone to identify arcane works, determine their features, and postulate what mechanisms were used to implement them. They can identify the features of arcane devices and procedures. It allows the character to implement arcane procedures if information on the specific procedure is available, and to draft arcane procedures. It also provides information on the history of arcane sciences, and some information about the minimal, semi-functional arcane knowledge possessed by a few pockets of humanity prior to 2034.

Arcane Sciences (skill)

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