Arcane procedural components


These are the basic effects that arcane procedures have. Naturally, there’s no way to list every possible effect. Work with the GM for new effects.

All of these effects increase Complexity. Some traits will decrease Complexity – these are schema. See later in this section for more on those.





Motif of Harmful Sensation

Physical Force

Weapon of Mass Destruction


Most procedures use schemes to defray the complexity of design. These schemes make design easier, but they can complicate implementation by placing the load more heavily on the arcanist performing the procedure. A procedure without a scheme is a contained, self-operating dynamic, making it absurdly difficult to design.

It is possible to put multiple schema onto a procedure, but some schema are incompatible with each other. Apply divisors and multipliers to Complexity and APF first, then multiply each of the exponents together and apply them to the modified result.

Chamberlain-Type Procedure

PEAR Group Dynamic

Rousseau Ritual

Early Quick System

Kreutz Operation

Sun Methodology

Turner Sublimation

Arcane procedural components

Death may Die Pneumonica Pneumonica